Public Speaking

Hello again,

This is my page about Public Speaking. As you know I am very passionate about speaking so I have made a page about it. I am a pround member o0f the inter school Debating Compertion. Me and my team are going into a Debate next week. We are a little nervous because it is a short prep Debate. Short prep if when you only get the topic on the night of the debate and only have a certain amount of time to get your Debate ready. Luckly are wonderful Coach Ms Lyon is getting us ready. I am very thankful.  I will post alot more about debating at a later date.

Hey Everyone,

Well, me and my team are throught to the Semi Finals. Are other team are through to but are not undefeted like my team are. We are doing another short prep debate. You can find some short prep debating point in ther search bar. Just so you know, when i do another Paragraph, it means another Post! See you all!


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