Hi Everyone,

This is a page where I will talk about some of my hobbies.

My first hobbie is Ballet. I have Been Doing Ballet since i was 3 years old. I really enjoy it. I do Ballet with Georgina and Natalie. These are my friends in dancing but there are others! We have an Exam in a few months which me and the girls are a little nervace about.

I can do this!!!!!

Another second of my hobbies is running. I love running am have many awards. My favourite type of running is Cross Country. I am in APS for the 4th year in a row. I go to running club.

I also got into APS Athlectis for 400m and a Reserve for 800m. I love to run. I like to watch it on the Olympics. Have any of you been watching the Olympics? I also Paly Handball. But not the one with 4 players. The one with 7 players and a couple of Reserves. I and the main striker and am good at getting gaols but i can be defence and the person who protects the goals.

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