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Hey guys,

All the girls at my school are  getting annoyed and judging one another. I think this is just wrong. it puts way to much pressure on a girl. Girls are starving themselves, cutting and in some cases, suicide. I beg everyone to please just stop. think before you speak, think before you judge, think before you act. This may seam like just another stupid post with spare, follow and like at the end but it is not. This post is trying to tell all of those people who judge to just stop and think. Everyone is beautiful in there own way and you have no idea what that person has been through. I went through a stage when i was so scared of being judged and laughed at. Then i realized that i am beautiful in my own way and that no one can make me feel bad without my consent. This is what i am trying to tell everyone today. Live your life in the believe that you are beautiful and that you don’t need to be what other people want you to be because no one is more beautiful than you. I don’t ask you to share this, like this or follow me, i ask you to believe in yourself and never judge anyone. This is my message.