News Letter

Hello Everyone,

I just have some news for this news letter to fill you up on:

  • A.B.Patterson Speech Comp

I got through to the finals of the Comp but I was unable to get into the top 3 but i did give it my best.

  • Sport

Touch is going well and I got best and far and I got Best and fairest in the lats game

  • School

School os fine and the assessment are starting to die down so I will be able to post more on the website

  • Friends

Chloe is fine and her usually self. Josephine is fine and make yet another movie script. Jess if good and is still drawing!

  • Personal Note

I am good and Going to Bail in 6 Days! I’m really exited and looking forward for the break. And I am also enjoying school and still working hard. I have also quite dancing and am Trying to join a Handball Club. And I am also planning to join a running club.

As you can see we are all busy and enjoying school. I will write soon. Remember to follow my blog so you can keep up to date on all the new post! 🙂


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