Hey Everyone,

One the weekend I Was talking to Josephine everyday of the weekend. She was finishing writing 5DaysInTheUK. It will be made into the move and when it is done I will post it on the Website so you can view it. I just realised that I have not been to my Jack Freestone Website for a long time. If you would like to check up on it to Click Here. School has been good. Chloe nearly sprained here arm when she fell of her Horse. She also hit her heat and I think that might of effected her. Jokes. I have to go. See you later.


6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. You didn’t mention Squishy! Poor Squishy. Did He/She/It/Whatever-It-Is do some thing wrong? Did He/She/It/Whatever-It-Is not reply when you were talking to it? Did He/She/It/Whatever-It-Is eat all the rocks in it’s tank?

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