Well, the end of the week is finally here. Thank goodness. Today we have I worked on one of my other blog  . This Blog is still in production but feel welcome to visit it. I spent the day with Josephine, Chloe and Jessica. We just chilled. We did a lot of study for a Maths test which is Algebra. Yay………
After lunch we all went of to are different sport. I was really tired because on Wednesday I went to APS Athletics. I ran 200m and 400m I came 7th in 200 and 3rd in 400m. I am really happy about 400m because I hade been training really hard for that one.


Then I went home and was on Skype with Josephine. She will really hate me but I got some secret snaps of her. Lol. We were listen to 1D and I know you thinking WHAT?!?!? But she has nearly converted my to like 1D. But I never not liked then but when Josephine started writing 5DaysInTheUK, which is a movie which my friends will film, I started listening to 1D and crying because it just worked with the script. I was so moved. It was really funny and was really cute. When the movie is finished I will publish it on this blog. See you all later.



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