Its friday and I can hear alot of people singing the song; ” Its Friday, Friday, Got to get down with Friday.” Tommorrow we have a  day were we can sit back and relax. Or, as some kid will find like myself, we will sit back and do homework. But luckly for you, I found a website that will help you have your home work done with enjoyment and quite quickly:


Get in a nice and cozy spot where you can relax.This will help you do your homework better.


  • Get a snack or chew gum.
  • 3

    If you’re sweaty put on a fan on setting 2. If you put it on setting 1 it will not be enough, if you put it on setting 3 it will be too loud.

  • 4

    Pretend you’re teaching a school with about 10 kids and ask them your questions.

  • 5

    Take a few breaks (not too many). It’ll keep your brain going.

  • 6

    When you’re done reward yourself, with, for example, a piece of candy.

  • 7

    You can get really comfy with a warm blanket

  • 8

    You can have study partner

  • 9

    Also, don’t so much worry about if your homework is exactly right or a little wrong. Most teachers don’t really care if you get a perfect score on homework, they care that you tried. So, don’t go back checking all your answers again and again, just give it one look at and be sure of yourself. You’re sure to do well, just be confident.

  • 10

    Finally, If the subject is harder for you to understand, stay and talk to your teacher about it, or, if you’re shy, refer to the textbook, there are always examples & steps on how to do homework in there.

Thanks to the website you can make alots for things be done quickly. I hope you huys enjoy the rest of Friday and have a good weekend!


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