10 Quick ways to cure Boredom

Hey everyone!

Have you ever had that feeling when you can’t seem to find anything to do? I know I have  that is why I have mad this Page for 10 quick ways to cure Boredom!!!

1.Draw, this will help you take your mind off what you are doing. If you want some tip on drawing Click Here

2. Read, if you like to read this will help.

3. Watch a movie, this uses a lot of time.

4. Play with you animal if you have one. If not, watch a Youtube clip!


5. Go to a friends house, someone to pass time with.


6.Board games. This only workd with some people but there are other options.


7. TV, But don’ watch to much. Remember to get out with a friend.


8.Use the Internet. * I find this fun but to cure boredom you really should  be active


9.Play your favorite sport with a friend.


10.Call an old froends that you haven’t spoken to for a long time.

Well that is somke ideas to help you find something to do. I hope you find them useful. Just remeber not to watch to much TV because it is important to be active as well. I will post some other thing about how to cure different thing so remember to Subscribe!





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