Hey Everyone!

Tonight I have a short prep Debate. I am not speaking myself but I am helping the team with preperation and am Chairperson. My team are a little nervous becasue this is are first one. For all those Fellow Debater I have a few point that will help us all in a short prep Debate.

Before you arrive, prepare by printing out palm cards, bringing pens and memorizing the role of your speaker. If you are third speaker, you must memorize how to introduce and conclude speeches for the first and second speakers. Bring a dictionary and book of quotes if you wish and are allowed.

  • 2

    Receive your topic and race to your allocated preparation room. Time is critical!

  • 3

    Define your topic in five minutes. Just use the first definition that pops into your head and run with it. You can change this later if need be.

  • 4

    Spend ten minutes brainstorming your arguments, then class them into a split (what side of the debate your first and second speakers will present).

  • 5

    First and second speakers begin writing the body section of their speeches. The third speaker will assist them by writing the introductions for their speeches, then the conclusions. If you are third speaker, assist the first speaker first – the second speaker will have more time to prepare while the first speaker is presenting their arguments.

  • 6

    Include plenty of ‘filler’ sentences, that serve to take up time. Short preparation debates typically do not reach the allocated time limit, so if your team manages to speak for longer, you will have an advantage.

  • 7

    Conclude both team’s speeches and review them quickly to make sure you have missed nothing, and your palm cards are in order.

  • 8

    If you have time left, first and second speakers should begin practicing their speeches while the third speaker begins to write theirs. If not, the third speaker should write their speech while your first and second speakers are presenting theirs.

This will hopefully help all of you ton do a short prep Debate. Best of luck to you.


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