Hey guys,

All the girls at my school are  getting annoyed and judging one another. I think this is just wrong. it puts way to much pressure on a girl. Girls are starving themselves, cutting and in some cases, suicide. I beg everyone to please just stop. think before you speak, think before you judge, think before you act. This may seam like just another stupid post with spare, follow and like at the end but it is not. This post is trying to tell all of those people who judge to just stop and think. Everyone is beautiful in there own way and you have no idea what that person has been through. I went through a stage when i was so scared of being judged and laughed at. Then i realized that i am beautiful in my own way and that no one can make me feel bad without my consent. This is what i am trying to tell everyone today. Live your life in the believe that you are beautiful and that you don’t need to be what other people want you to be because no one is more beautiful than you. I don’t ask you to share this, like this or follow me, i ask you to believe in yourself and never judge anyone. This is my message.


News Letter

Hello Everyone,

I just have some news for this news letter to fill you up on:

  • A.B.Patterson Speech Comp

I got through to the finals of the Comp but I was unable to get into the top 3 but i did give it my best.

  • Sport

Touch is going well and I got best and far and I got Best and fairest in the lats game

  • School

School os fine and the assessment are starting to die down so I will be able to post more on the website

  • Friends

Chloe is fine and her usually self. Josephine is fine and make yet another movie script. Jess if good and is still drawing!

  • Personal Note

I am good and Going to Bail in 6 Days! I’m really exited and looking forward for the break. And I am also enjoying school and still working hard. I have also quite dancing and am Trying to join a Handball Club. And I am also planning to join a running club.

As you can see we are all busy and enjoying school. I will write soon. Remember to follow my blog so you can keep up to date on all the new post! 🙂


OMG!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I got through to the next round of the A.B.Patterson Speaking competition. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! The next round is next week on Thursday! This is the first time I have ever got through to the next round of AB and my dad said it was the hardest round her had ever seen and he has seen alot of rounds! Im really exited 🙂

In about 2 hours, me and Chloe are going to play touch. But the bad thing is that it is a hot day and there is no wind……. Great. But i’m sure it will be fun.  I’ll let you know how everything gose!



Hey guys,

Josephine made this movie called 5DaysInTheUK. I play Hazel who is the main character best friend. The Movie will probably come out after Christmas Holidays. The date might change though. But it is going to be really good and I will keep you in touch for the latest update but there is an easier way, Click Here and you can go to the website.

See you later! 🙂

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Breast Cancer

Hey guys,

Today I saw a post about Brest Cancer. We need to try and help all those women who have breast cancer by trying to find a cure. If we all help spread the awareness so everyone know what a big deal it is and that finding a cure is the answer.

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Tips For new WordPress users

Here are a couple of point for the new users of WordPress that need some help to get started.

1. Appearance. It’s good to make you website look bright and interesting to  attract more people to your blog.

2. Adding widgets. To add a widgets you click the Appearance page and click the widgets icon that comes up. The you can see different items like a calendar or a count down. These widgets make your website look professional.

3. Pages. Pages are good when you want to have different bits of informations but not on the same page. You go to the Pages page and click add page to add a page.

4. Pictures. It is a great idea to have Pictures in your pages and widgets to make them look profention

These are things that are great to use when you want your website to look good.

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